Young semi professional seeks voice in cold and calculating world

Big surprise I started a blog to find a voice in this world, a world where not only are we all screaming but we are saying the same things but in different terms. I find myself, like most young people, wanting to be an individual, a unique soul who inspires those around her with my depth and knowledge. But the truth is I am still trying to figure out what I have to say, what I believe in, what inspires me. So I am using a blog to find my path. 

A little bit about me, I am at the time of this blog, 28 years old. Living in a house with my husband, Jacob and two dogs, Max & Luke. I have a great family, we are what all modern families are, broken at one point and glued back together with the love my parents found in their partners after they divorced each other. My Dad & Stepmom just celebrated there 20 years of marriage and my Mom & Stepdad are about to celebrate their 11th year of matrimonial bliss. I have three sisters, one that was born to me and two that I got when I was in highschool from my Stepdad. And with my step sisters I got 3 nieces and a nephew. They are pretty cool kids, sometimes I want to throttle them, but usually they are awesome.

My extended family came to me in bits and pieces like most people my age who collects friends. I like to say we are friends by fate and family by choice, which is poetic and actually very true. They are part of my heart as much as the rest of my family.  But we will talk more about family later.

As I said I hope to use this blog as a way to vent, learn, grow and start making some choices about who I will be in the coming years. I also want to have fun, talk about my life and my observations and hope to see the lighter side of things.


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