So here’s the thing

So here’s the thing, I haven’t told anyone that I am writing this blog yet. I thought I would see how I felt and what I wrote before telling anyone. Knowing me I will break down and tell Jacob first, because I don’t keep secrets of any kind from him. Some random thoughts that are floating around my head right now.

1) Couples Retreat was not nearly as funny as it could have been. I am a big fan of most of the actors in that movie and I was completely disappointed.

2) My Stepdad keeps sending me all these email forwards about how terrible the democrats are and how we need to take our country back. I agree that the country is in a terrible state right now but I do not agree that only one party or part is to blame. You know what I really want, I want to turn on some form of news, or find a website, or a newspaper that is completely and totally unbiased. I want to get the facts and not the paparazzi style of reporting that passes for news that we keep getting crammed down our throats.

3) I work in a very small city north of Grand Rapids, and last night the superintendent of the local schools proposed massive cuts to spending without increasing the classes sizes or eliminating programs for students. The cuts seem smart and straight forward and necessary, and they appear to be one more thing to me, SMART! I mean let me be clear, my husband is in a union and they do serve some purpose, which I will expound on later, but the truth is that if these necessary and smart cuts aren’t passed it will be the teachers union that stops it. Come on people, this is the kind of decisive and out-side the box thinking that we need in local government. I full support this superintendent and the standard to which he wants to hold the school system.

3) I love pancakes, and would eat breakfast for dinner if given the opportunity, Jacob doesn’t dig it. So tonight I have to think of something for dinner. I think I am making lasagna tomorrow.

4) I am obviously so random right now I need to get these floating thoughts down on paper/blog.

5) My desk is a disaster. I just got back from vacation and I am still playing catch up. But I can’t even think straight right now so clearing my desk will have to wait.

6) I need to figure out how to make a budget ( I know how to make a budget, I am not stupid) but a budget that works for me and Jacob. I want to look at my bank statement at the end of the month and be happy with what I see there. And at this point in time anything over 50.00 would make me happy.

7) I’ve been driving my bosses car while he is out of the country and its a nice ride. Not as awesome as his Nissan Titan which I covet. But its a smooth ride and gets awesome gas mileage.

I think that’s eat for my randomness right now. I am sure I will be back tomorrow or maybe tonight. I feel a poem coming on and what better place to embarrass myself but the world-wide web.


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