My Dogs

I thought I would start on a lighter note today, not that I am deep or anything but anyways, don’t let’s go off on a tangent now.

We have two dogs, Max aka Maximilian, Maxi-Pad, Max Factor. And Luke Skywalker, yes he has a middle name and it is Skywalker. Whatever we can get into my nerdy fan boy ways later.

When Jacob and I met we knew that we were supposed to be together, so about 8 months after dating we moved in. Another story for another time.  From jump street I wanted a dog but the apartment we lived in didn’t allow it, and by the time we got to a place ( we moved a lot) that would allow it we were planning our wedding and didn’t have time for a dog. Fast forward to 2005, we buy a house and I immediately start checking local rescue projects for a puppy. Jacob wanted a small dog, by small I mean smaller than 50 lbs. So we looked and look and didn’t find anything but heart ache because get this sometimes you have to “qualify” for a puppy. I mean they do back ground checks, ask questions about your pet ownership history, because at our young ages we couldn’t possibly know what its like to take care of a dog. Heavens no… Anyways we had no luck.  A friend of mine at the time knew how much I wanted a dog and found through another friend my Max, who wasn’t called Max but whatever. He was being mistreated, left in his crate for 22 hours a day, even when the family was home and sitting 5 feet away. I didn’t tell Jacob I was going to see him, but the minute I walked into the room, I fell head over heels for this sheep dog looking mutt. They wanted 100 dollars for him, and that was cheap. I took him home the next day.  Got him groomed and started teaching him that people could love him.

Hitting that ole fast forward again, a little over a year ago, I started talking about getting Max a brother. I told Jacob it would help with Max’s energy, social skills, etc. I really just wanted another puppy. So I searched out the rescue sites again and found our Luke almost immediately, and this time we had a great history because we had Max. It was literally emotional black mail on my part. We walk into the room and there’s this little brown ball of fur and I immediately handed him to Jacob. It took about 3 seconds and Jacob said, ” you suck” to me and I knew we had a new puppy.

We brought him home and since then we have had two dogs, one with an annoying bark, Luke, and one with super leaping skills and a pension for bread, Max. But I love them, they make me happy. They calm my spirit and snuggle when I need it. They give Jacob love when he’s not expecting and provide me with memories of our early years of marriage.

So that’s about my boys, I will post a picture when I have a minute.


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