Max & The missing stick of butter

So I got home last night, put away some groceries and pulled out my ingredients for dinner. I realized that I would need to wait a few minutes to let my butter and eggs come to room temperate, side note- don’t argue with me about the safety of letting these two ingredients get to room temperature, I’ve been cooking awhile, I know what I am doing. Anyways, I ran to the bathroom to clean it and straighten things out for our guests. I came back to the kitchen and could not find my stick of butter. I swore I pulled one out, and confirmed when I looked at the package in the fridge. Jacob takes off outside to see if the dogs snagged it but didn’t find any evidence. hmm….. so we eat dinner/breakfast which was awesome by the way and super easy, get through the whole evening, and go to bed, We jsut turned the lights off and said good night and low and behold, Max starts puking. And it’s not just the butter its the wrapper and dinner and everything. Ugghh… so gross, thank god Jacob is a strong man. I throw Max into the tub and wash the vom out of his hair while Jacob cleans our floor. I hate carpeting for this reason! Anyways, last nights big event was the stolen butter and the discovery of the thief. Way to go Max!


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