The Crew

I have these amazing friends, who I shall not name, but are my rocks, my party pals, my pillars of strength, and really my family. We’ve adopted them, as in my biological blood lines have taken them all in, and now call them son(s) and daughter. My in-laws have also adopted my friends, which makes our parties AWESOME because everyone gets along.  My crew (as I call them) are very diverse, and really we are some entertaining people to be around. I am pretty lucky to have made such great friends with out the aid of college,  work ( as in we don’t work together), we came together through each other. Adding and subtracting people along the way. And we are better friends for the additions and even for the subtraction.

My girls, what can I say about them. They are together, and the happiest couple I know. They truly know what it means to fight and make up. They have created a beautiful home together, and some day my kids ( when I have them) will call them Aunt (s). They are among the elite that can kiss my husband without getting a sock in the mouth.

Just kidding, I don’t punch strangers, I think about doing it and then chicken out.

The couple, just had a baby about 7 months ago, and man is she CUTE. They are making a family of their own with his daughter from a previous relationship and the new home they just bought together. She is one of my closest friends, my bosom buddy if you will. We are really good at picking each other up and telling the other one to get over it. We are also good at letting the venting happen. He is quiet and thoughtful, with a very rough edge, but I love him, he’s a big part of my heart and I am so happy he has her.

Puffy Hair, he’s so funny and smart, and closed off to me. We’ve had our ups and downs, but the thing is no matter how mad I get at him, or how much I want to get in a fight with him, I love him to death. He is one of those rare people who you know if you needed them he would make it happen. Whatever was in his power, if he cares about you, he’ll help you out.

There’s more, like my sisters, and A who is the best old friend I have. Who knew me back when, when I was fun and could relax without putting thought into it . But I am at the end of wanting to write without naming names. I think I will get some permission and maybe do some editing of this blog so I can start talking about people directly. 

I just wanted to give a shout out to them, The Crew, you know who you are, my heart beats for you.


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