Vertigo and other stuff

I’ve been off lately, and if you’ve read my posts you would know that. I have been moody and angry and sappy. And to top it off I wasn’t feeling great, I was feeling very much like I was drunk without having tasted a drop. So I finally broke down and went to the doctor. I hate going to the doctor but I was secretly hoping I was pregnant and thought it was a good idea to go.

So I get there, and I should say that we had a doctor, whom I really liked, but he left for a smaller practice and since his departure we have not chosen nor been assigned to one physician in that office. So anyways, I get there and the nurse takes my blood pressure and weight and has me pee in a cup, and then leads me to a room. Where she proceeds to ask me how the baby is doing? And am I feeling any movement?  My jaw was on the floor, did she seriously just tell me I was pregnant? Nope, she grabbed the wrong patient and the wrong chart, so back to the lobby I go. At this point I am laughing, can’t help it, the God’s like to tease me with my infertility.

Anyways, get back to a different room, different nurse, different doctor. And when all was said and done I was diagnosed with Vertigo. AWESOME!! I feel like I am constantly moving, and nausea. And who knows when it will go away. On top of that they want me to have blood tests done to rule out my kidneys, thyroid, etc. Which is fine, lets narrow the field of engagement.

Moving on, this week as been tough with the spinning and nausea and fights with Jacob ( see previous post) I just have had a rough couple months and I am seeking some peace and happiness from the chaos.  I will find it in myself, and in my Jacob. That’s the plan.


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