Green, vibrant, swaying earth

Green, vibrant, swaying earth                                                                       

Spinning circles round my head and wrapping me in your warmth.

I find peace in your rhythm, and close my eyes to absorb your song.

Sun shining warming the earth and my face

Growing more beautiful and rich by the moment

Wishing for the clouds to take shape, but the sky is blue and I am stuck behind the glass of my office window.

Clicking of the keyboard could be the scratch of the bird in it’s nest

But my mind knows better

I want to be among the breeze holding your hand while we talk of the life we are building

Giving thanks to my mother, and mother nature for this moment and the ones to come.

But back in my office, I will day dream of that time, and those to come.

Green, vibrant, swaying earth, thank you for coming again.


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