Clock ticking

The clock is ticking over my right shoulder, the door opens and closes quietly. My world is quiet right now, filled with the sounds of industry that are muffled by dry wall. I need some music, and not the gentle hum of voices through the phone, nor the sound of the rain as it patters on the roof. I need loud, soulful music prescribed by my soul. Music that will feed this need, fill me up and make me sing. Living in the land of immediate satisfaction has its perks. Click of the button and I am on my way. Gray sky’s won’t bring me down, neither will my mood. Slipping into the world of creation, dancing to the beat of the drums, all while sitting in my chair.


One comment

  1. It is so wonderful…that technology permits us the opportunity to feed our soul’s immediate need for music at anytime or place…enjoyed your post.

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