No Box, Thank you

Don’t put me in a box

I am not what you think I am

Do not mistreat me, mishandle me or underestimate me

I am divine, sublime and aggravating all in one

I am soft, and sweet and hard as I can be, when I need to be

I am both smart and stupid, sassy and meek, lover and fighter

I may cry if you yell, or I may rip your head off

I am eclectic in taste, in reaction, behavior, dress and style

I will never disappoint, as long as you don’t expect

I will give you my shirt, if I am not in need of it

I will give you my love, as long as you will take it

I will take your jokes, your jibs and mockeries, and laugh with you

but may cry in private

I am an explorer of my world, the navigator of the seas of my life

I am the composer of my song, with the notes both sweet and sour

I am a seeker of knowledge

I am a woman, a wife, a daughter, a granddaughter, a friend, a worker, a homemaker, a crazy person.

I am me, an original; out of the box I am much more valuable


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