Camping and other thoughts

This weekend we are going camping, taking our gear and our bodies up north to get the lay of the land for the BIG weekend, which is Memorial Day. We have spent the last three Memorial Days in Baldwin, Michigan with some of our closest friends. And I am so looking forward to a relaxing weekend with books and a pen & paper.  I have been inspired lately, to write poetry, I guess is what I would call it. Maybe it is just musings, since I don’t always rhyme ( and I realize you don’t have to rhyme to be a poem) and there is no purpose to my words except to speak when the desire arises.

I’ve been inspired so much lately that I actually used the voice recorder on my cell phone on the way home to get some thoughts down. But I discovered that re-listing to them after them moments passed takes away the inspiration. No worries though, my world has an endless bounty of thought provoking people and places, and things. I am feeling the inspiration as I type this.

I am off to muse 🙂


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