For MY Love

Chilled to the bone by the rain that falls outside

Welcoming spring but not the cold snap that is common in my part of the world.

Warmed by thoughts of our bed

By our home and hearth

Feeling a longing to sit with you

On the couch, feet in your lap, playing with your hair

Feeling the need to laugh with you

Hold hands, and escape

To a different time and place

Similar to now but full of the feeling of when…

When we touch fingers for the first time

The passion of the past is present

Warming my heart

Bringing a smile to my face

I can’t wait to see you

To sit with you

To be with you

To laugh with you

To love with you

To welcome tomorrow with knowledge of our potential

To fight for us no matter the obstacle

To remember us without effort

To stay with you whenever possible

To be silent and still

To be loud and lovely

To the moon and back again

Forever and ever

Never end.. my love…


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