My Arms

Come my love, my strong and weak. Seek nothing but safety and love. I will hold you up when you are tired, catch you when you stumble, hold you when you weep, laugh when you succeed. My arms offer nothing more than safe harbor, my heart nothing more than love. Take my words or leave them as they fade into the haze, it matters not. Rest for a moment, in the minute of this peace. Know that you are special, unique and necessary to this world we live in. Don’t question your worth, but allow us to show you the riches you posses, for you are not alone, not without. You are surrounded by things both light and dark, and we will help you fight the bad, embrace the good. Seek shelter in my arms, my waiting arms full of love and hope.  You are one of my many, one of my few, my flock and family. Seek the shelter of my arms and find comfort and peace. Find strength and sleep, for tomorrow will come and you will embrace it.  


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