Today is better than yesterday. I don’t feel as tired. I am really looking forward to a weekend with no plans. As I type that I realize that I just sent out 2 emails asking some of my family what they were up to this weekend, I am sure in hopes of being included or forming some plan so I can continue to avoid the chaos and disaster that is my house.  It needs to be cleaned so badly.

I am making a resolve, is that the right way to phrase that? I am going to do some projects this weekend, get my house started on the road to order. Since one of the symptoms of my craziness is seeking dis-order this is quite a challenge. That logical side of my brain craves order and organization and I always have grand plans to get my closet in shape or clean the laundry room, but I get half way there and an episode of Glee or Bob’s Burgers comes on and I just HAVE to watch it. Don’t judge me, I love light comedy that asks nothing of me but my attention 🙂

This weekend is the first one in reclaiming my life. Here’s to hoping nothing new comes on TV.


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