It’s Monday

It’s Monday. I am so tired, and a bit draggy today.

Had a great weekend, spent some time with my nephew, spent some time with my sister and brolo and my hubby. Cuddled with my dogs. Cleaned my house and started my laundry. I found that I didn’t have to plan every moment of my weekend, which was nice. And not like me at all. I am an over planner, which I think I have coped to in earlier posts.

This week we will celebrate the 4th of July, with lots of food, friends, family and fireworks. I don’t care about the fireworks part so much. But the rest sounds appealing. Even more appealing is the fact that Thursday afternoon I am leaving technology behind to go camp for 4 days. And its rustic camping, we do it once a year as a family.  We eat, sing, have big fires, explore the woods, and this year we are going to search for a lake or water source near our camping site. I am hopefully this tired sleep feeling will have adjusted by Thursday. If not I see a lot of coffee and diet coke in my future.

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