4th of July

  Tomorrow is the 4th of July and as previously stated, not my favorite holiday. I like it because I get to hang out with my people and share good food and conversation. I hate it because of the yahoo’s that start lighting off M-80’s 4 days before the holiday and seem to forget that people have to work in the morning. And they light them off for the 4-5 days after as well. My dogs don’t like it much either, but I don’t know a lot of dogs that love the big booms. Okay, enough of the complaining.


On the opposite end of the spectrum, is one of my best friends, AC. AC is this happy, bubbly, excited person who would do anything for anyone. She is loyal and honest and just one of the best people I know. AC loves the 4th, loves the fireworks, loves the decorations, loves to throw a party and loves to celebrate this day. To be honest she loves holidays in general, and because she’s got such a bubbly, infectious personality you can’t help but get swept up in the moment and the day. She drags her girlfriend along, I think at this point willingly, but still like I said her excitement is infectious so we all sit back and enjoy the day and enjoy watching her host. Tomorrow we will celebrate the independence of our country, and I hope to take a moment of quiet reflection, between the hot dogs and the fireworks to remember why I am proud to be an American. I want to reflect on why I am grateful for those who have sacrificed their own lives and freedoms so I can have my life and my freedom. I want to remember where we’ve been as a country and where we are now. I want to remember the story of the Star Spangled Banner, and how I felt on Sept 11th.


Thanks for hosting AC & AJ; I know it will be a fun day.


Happy Independence Day America!

And thanks to all of those who have made the ultimate sacrifice for our freedoms.


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