Another weekend is upon us

I am going to try to do a few things this weekend. Things I have let slide because I was busy, distracted, lazy, whatever. First thing is I am going to my Grandma’s to help her out with some of her spring cleaning projects. I love doing this kind of things for other people. My hope is that it will inspire me to go do the same things at my home.

I have gotten so bogged down in “where do I start” that I don’t start and then things get gross. Seriously, I dread the laundry room. But I started it the other day and hope to finish it this weekend.  They say part of my illness needs to order that I don’t have right now in my home. So I am determined to spend time this weekend getting started. Even if its only small I am going to seek the satisfaction of the small victory. Not all of my projects need to be major remodels.

I am also going to be getting my niece puppy for the week as my sister and brolo go on their honeymoon. They are so cute and sweet and I love the Goomba dog. We shall see how she does for a week with my boys, I am hoping they will just wear each other out. If they don’t I will be walking them to make that happen.

So I am looking forward to a weekend of progress, in whatever form it comes.

Here’s to conquering my fear of the laundry room.


One comment

  1. Make a list of EVERYTHING you want to accomplish and then when you get something done (even the little SMALL things!) – you get the satisfaction of MARKING IT OFF YOUR LIST!!!! It is a GREAT feeling of satisfaction to do so! Trust me on this!!!! Plus, when hubby wants to know how he can help? It’s right there….on the list… bothering to “tell” them anything….if they want to help, they can pick a job!

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