I am gross

I don’t feel inspired to write today. Mainly because I am covered in red angry itchy welts that I believe are fly bites from this weekend. I am actually going to the doctor this afternoon to hopefully get a shot and something to take the edge off. It doesn’t help that I have a slightly obsessive personality, so I have been digging at my flesh for the last 2 days. Seriously, there are holes in my legs right now. I am so gross.

I tried to get in to see the doctor yesterday but they told me I needed to go to the Urgent Care center, their schedule was full or some such BS. I HATE going to the urgent care center, it is a long wait surrounded by hacking people who smell funny. Not to generalize or anything.

I took a baking soda bath last night, and that helped. But as I got out of the tub and Jacob caught a look at my legs, he cursed a blue streak and told me I better get into see the doc today or come hell or high water I was going to the Urgent Care. So I was a good girl and called this morning, and after much hemming and hawing (I love saying stuff like that) the scheduler got me in to see a PA at 2:30 this afternoon. Oh sweet relief, let’s hope that there is a big bottle of cream in my future and a long lovely post tomorrow about the fun things in life that have nothing to do with my scabby legs.


One comment

  1. You poor thing! Soothing creams are in your future! PS – you are NOT gross….those nasty black flies are!!!!

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