Nap Time?

Today I am tired. It’s both a physical and emotional tired. I am sitting here at my desk and my eyes are droopy. I want nothing more than to lay my head down and cry silent tears then fall asleep. I am daydreaming about my couch right now. My couch and I have a bond, it’s deep and no one can tear us apart. Don’t judge me. I think I am spending too much time on things outside of my little world. My house is in shambles, I mean literally. I have been having some fun, been having some stress. I can’t seem to keep my big mouth shut, and keep offering up more of my precious time when there are others who are capable of the tasks I volunteer for. I need a solid 24 hours with no commitments, so I can focus on cleaning my home, doing my laundry, watching good movies where I cry, eating a meal I did not prepare and sleeping when I am finally done for the day. Instead today I will work, go to my volunteer job and work, go home and work some more.
Yep, I am tired, therefore bitchy. Where’s my blanket and pillow?


One comment

  1. You are definitely being pulled in lots of directions right now, and I am very sorry…..while I definitely need your help and expertise, if you can’t – I understand. I don’t want you to take on more than your share, and will figure something else out. Let’s talk when you can… you

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