Useless…well sort of

Today I feel useless. My head is foggy, from sinuses and a night of crying. My face is swollen for the same reasons. My stomach is knotted, from sinus drainage and anxiety. Basically I am a hot mess today. Probably too much info but whatever.

I will be leaving work shortly to go change into lazy, huge sweat pants and to crawl into bed with my air conditioning and decongestants. I might crawl onto the couch, the dogs like the couch better when Mom is sick.

Why is it that sickness and depression make me want comfort foods, a blankieĀ and movies that I have seen hundreds of times? I want a bowl of mashed potatoes with chicken and noodles, a glass of Vernors and Little Women. I think I am going to get it, then pass out in a food and drug coma for the rest of the day.

That sounds like a plan. Maybe I will wake up tomorrow and feel better. I hope so.


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