Unknown part 2

She sighed, pushed to her feet, and slid her heels on, left then right. Walking over to the coat rack she shrugs on her trench, grabs the umbrella and turns to leave. It’s time to go home and face this and to talk to him.

 Walking to the car through the rain, feeling the splashes on her feet reminded her of this past summer. Walking with Johnny, holding his little hand as he stomped through each puddle, getting his jeans wet, soaking her tennis shoes. The small smile on her lips disappears as she shudders. Don’t think about that right now, get the keys out, start the car, and turn the heater on to dry off. She puts her head on the steering wheel and sits until she’s steady. Steady, she smirks’, I haven’t been steady in almost a year.

The drive home is pretty quick and it seems as if the rain is letting up. She pulls into the driveway and the house glows with warmth. The lights are on; it looks like in every room of the house. No amount of light can chase the shadows away. She sees his shape move past the picture window. Deep breath in, release, let’s do this.  Getting out of the car, she doesn’t put the umbrella back up. The rain is lessened under the trees in the front of the house. She puts her key into the lock and the door swings open. Michael smile at her, “Hi. How was work?” he says. He looks so happy to see her. He moves in to kiss her lips, and she turns her cheek to him instead. Unfazed he moves aside so she can enter the foyer. He helps her with her coat, hangs it in the closet. “Are you hungry? Did you eat at all today? She shakes her head, “I just want to change out of these clothes. Maybe a glass of wine and sit by the fire.  He moves towards the kitchen while she ascends to their bedroom. Peeling off the wet suit, she tosses it into a pile in the corner. She crosses to the double dresser pulls out her worn out sweatpants and an old Army tee-shirt she’s had for years. She pulls them on, and sits on the edge of the bed. Bracing herself for the evening. Trying to decide what to do next, what’s the right move?


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