What a mess

I am a jumbled mess today. I have too many thoughts and words and ideas flying around my head. I want to write a simple post about my weekend but find that the talking points are too many to articulate at this moment. I think I can safely say it was a very busy, hectic weekend that did not lend its self to relaxation. But it was fun. I got to see 90% of the people I love the most. I got to laugh a lot; I cried a lot too, it comes with the territory of the unstable.  Let’s just say, my poor husband got the brunt of it and he was a trooper. Hopefully I will spend the next few days putting my house in order, literally and figuratively, and start the next week with a better outlook. Right now I just feel like I want to leave work and go start in one corner of my home and clean until I am bone weary and my house sparkles. I think sometimes about just packing a bag, grabbing my husband and dogs and leaving the messes behind. But I am pretty sure living in our mini van would get gross after a while.


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