Time to unplug

Sometimes I feel the desire to unplug. To turn off my cell phone, not check Facebook or email. I think about giving up my wireless lifestyle and getting a land line again. I fantasize about having a computer desk set up in a designated area, not in my living room. I miss the time when people had to call your house, leave a message and you called them back when you got home. Being accessible 24 hrs a day is maddening, and at the same time I don’t know what I would do without my cell phone. I check it constantly, I don’t always answer when it rings, usually because I can’t find it when its ringing. We are going up north this weekend, and it just so happens that the cottage gets terrible service so the most I can do is text and even that takes forever. Something in my brain clicks when I pull off the highway, something old-fashioned and simple. I can’t wait to pull in and shut down. I feel this way when I am camping too. I leave my phone in the car and only check it once or twice a day, in case someone has called and it’s an emergency situation. The other reason I can turn off is I am usually with the people who would call me anyways.

I just long for the simpler days, when the TV didn’t go on until after dinner, and then it was to watch the news and maybe one program before bed. We spent our time outdoors, playing, working, whatever. We read books, and talked. We didn’t look at Yahoo! for updates on the latest social issues; check our Twitter for updates from celebrities, look at the sports trades and get the latest info on the election.

I wish I could just turn it off, but I know that the minute I make the final decision my heart will start pounding and I will wonder what the world is up too. Today is not the day, but I get a mini vacation from my phone for the weekend.


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