My Grown Up Room

I have visions of a grown up bedroom. Somewhere that when I walk in my soul sighs and smiles. I see a bunch of pillows propped against a bright head-board, matching night stands free of clutter and dust, but maybe a small stack of books on both sides of the bed. 2 small but exquisite lamps, pops of color and bright enough to read by. I see a beautiful throw at the foot of the bed, tossed carelessly and so soft you just want to curl up at the end of the bed. I see a bank of book cases flanking one wall, filled with the things that make up my life, things from the places I have been, books I have loved, pictures of my husband and I, with our dogs, my little family. I see a bench at the foot of my bed, with a velvety cushion made of a peacock-blue material, probably tufted. I see my floor, which is a miracle onto itself, and it’s free of the debris that currently resides on my floor. I see soothing walls, and crisp trim, and a dark ceiling fan on a crisp white ceiling. I see my dark purple curtains and a stack of pillows on the floor for me to sit on. I see my grown up room and hope to achieve some of it by this weekend. Let the de-cluttering begin. I can’t wait to be a grown up in my room.


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