Another random post

I have written and deleted no less than 5 posts for today. Basically I am once again a mess.

It’s my birthday, I can’t seem to get excited about that.

My Doctor is prescribing me Adderall for my ADHD, and I am nervous. They say I will notice the change right away.

I can’t seem to step right with some of my friends, I keep pissing people off and I don’t know why. I just feel like I can’t win, but I keep trying.

I wish today was over, so I could start tomorrow.


One comment

  1. Chalk it up to a mis-step start to YOUR day. Hit rewind and enjoy!!! This is the day you came into the world and everyone who knows you is BLESSED to have you in it! Please don’t wish this day away – it is too extrodinary….1) it is your birthday which is an amazingly special day to me….for too many reasons to state in a simple comment…. 2) each day is a gift….there is beauty and majic in every day if we look for it. I look forward to seeing you tonight and giving you a big birthday hug! Love you!

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