Fantasy Football

Tonight my husband starts my least favorite trend of the year, his 1st fantasy football draft. When I say first that’s because he is in like 4 leagues, runs 3 of them and that is the primary focus on the weekends. Check the stats, the injury reports, then leaving me to go watch football with his Dad. It’s okay, except I have started to like football in the last couple years, especially from my couch. I like live games too, but to go to a Lion’s game is a 2 1/2 hour drive, and lets me honest we all know I am in love with my couch. Live games are a 1-2 a year thing for me. We cancelled cable a year ago and are not even thinking of getting it back, so watching from my couch is also a challenge. We could try an antenna again, which we did for the Super Bowl and it failed. I think I will be watching the game from my laptop with chick flicks playing on the big screen.

Jacob is trying something new with me this year; he got me in a no money starter league so I can try fantasy football with him. I think it will bond us together and make us stronger, or tear us apart since we are now competitors and I am a bad loser. I hate losing and I am super competitive. Maybe it’s a good thing he will be at his Dad’s for the game, he won’t be in my direct line of fire than.  My goal is to not spend my time obsessing with my choices, but to learn more about the game and the positions that make up an NFL team. But honestly I will probably obsess and turn into one of these guys that talks about their draft choices, by week issues and say things like waiver wire and sleeper and by the end of the season I will know what it all means.


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