We are Family….

Yesterday was another busy day. And for some reason I was wound up, until 3am. So this morning I am very tired. While I know that my meds have kicked in I feel like I could put my head down and sleep right now. It could be physical exhaustion, but I am not totally sure.

I got to see both sets of my parents last night. I love being with them both. It reminds me of how lucky I am. It used to be I would only see my Dad and Step Mom on the occasional weekend and about once every 3-4 months for dinner during the week. I am trying to see them once every couple of weeks if I can. I just don’t want to lose the time I have with them now.

I have a very close relationship with my Mom & Step Dad. They live around the corner from me and my Mom and I are both deeply involved in our local Elks lodge. My Step Dad and Hubs are too, but they mainly support us. My Mom lost her mentor yesterday, who died unexpectedly, and I feel so badly for her. I can tell she is worn down emotionally by this and she is trying to be strong for her lodge and for the new widow and stable in her role within Elkdom. I am very proud of her; she has stood up under tremendous stress and strain. I hope to be strong like her someday, although I am strong in my own way and I guess that’s pretty good too.

I get to spend some family time this week, some much-needed family time. I get to bask in the energy of my nieces and nephew, take some time to sit in the sun and talk about their summers which are quickly coming to an end. My nephew will be spending the weekend with me and if I can talk her into my youngest niece will join us for one of the days. I am hoping on Friday so I can still paint this weekend. I’ve gotta keep the eye on the prize. I want to plan my sister night while I have my sisters there. Hopefully we can pick a day and start that tradition. I want to get to know my grown up sisters better. We’ve been a blended family for a long while now, about 15 years, and I still want to know more about them. Have I mentioned I have 3 sisters? 2 are my step sisters and about 10 years separates us. They are where my nieces and nephew come from.  I have a little sister, by blood; she is 15 months younger than me, and turns 30 this year. She will be providing me with more nieces and nephews to love and make plans with. She’s about to celebrate her first wedding anniversary. I love her and love my Brolo. They are such good people and are really good friends too. And they have brought more amazing people into our life.

I am feeling very content today in my family life, so I am going to keep talking about them.

My sister-in-law lives with us in the summers. She is in college and I enjoy her. She is such a wonderful person, so funny and kind and giving. She works hard, and has major artistic talent.  She makes her brother so happy and they are very close. I would say we all are, and we are a little family while she is there. She starting packing to go back to college this weekend, and last night when we got back from running our errands there were boxes in my kitchen. I got a little teary eyed; I thought we had one more week. But it sounds like she will be gone by this weekend. I will miss her. When school is in session she is majorly involved with her sorority, Latino Student Union, a dance group, classes and work. Plus she is super social so our time with her drops down. After this year however she will be living with us for about 2 years while she attends a pastry program locally. So I probably should enjoy this alone time with the Hubs.

There is so much more I can say, I can talk about my wonderful Grandparents who live with my Mom & Stepdad. I could talk in detail about the little people, and growing people who are my nieces and nephew. But right now I just want to make a definitive statement, I am truly lucky to have such a large family. I have great in-laws, wonderful friends (who we call framily); I have amazing parents, awesome sisters, and just slew of people who I love. I feel very loving today and want to let the world know. I am one lucky lady.


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