My two favorite blogs

I started drafting a blog in my sleep last night. I was in that place right before you dive off to the deep sleep. I was thinking about my inspirations to blog, blogs I read religiously because they make me smile and because they make me want to read more. So my first blog of today is about a couple of those blogs and their writers.

The first one will probably come as no surprise, it’s The Pioneer Woman, Ree Drummond. I love her, I love her blog. My Mom introduced us a few years ago (not in real life, I would probably swoon) and I was hooked. I check her site at least twice daily. I sat and read her romantic story of meeting her husband one week when I was really bored at work. I couldn’t look away from my screen.  Ree is talented and funny and such an inspiration. She takes amazing pictures, and gives us an insight into life on a ranch. Something I would never even know how to maneuver. She’s just awesome. Oh and her recipes/tutorials are super easy to follow since she takes pictures of everything as she is doing it. I love this, and have not screwed up a single recipe from her site.

            The second blog I actually found on The Pioneer Woman’s site, The Attack of the Red Neck Mommy. Tanis, the redneck mommy is amazing. She is a mother of 4, her youngest son died and she turned to blogging for therapy. They’ve adopted since her son’s death and her site is full of hope and hilarious stories of her life in Canada. She is very honest, and out there and I just love to go there daily to see if she has posted anything new. I have started through her archives and they are equally funny and a nice glimpse into her life. She is a champion for the disabled, and not afraid to fight for what she believes is right. She’s one tough cookie, but so down to earth.

Ultimately I think that is what blogging is all about, showing people a way of life, or a thing or a craft, a recipe or a story that they didn’t know existed. Some people lead very sheltered lives, others so exotic and wonderful its nice to step into their shoes if only for the 5 minutes it takes to read their posts. I would love to be that inspiration to another person, but will settle for the outlet I have found in this universe.  I am sure the longer I do this the more I will explore the blogosphere and find others who are equally inspiring.  I am tipping my hat and deeply bowing to my two biggest blogging inspirations, The Pioneer Woman and The RedNeck Mommy. If you haven’t seen them before, check them out.  I hope they don’t mind me linking their pages here. Let me know if I am doing something wrong, but I wanted to share my love for these ladies with the world J


The Pioneer Woman


Attack of the RedNeck Mommy


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