So sick…

I am sick today. I have had this sinus thing going on for a few days but then last night it took a turn and it’s this whole snotty, achy, whiny thing. I hate being sick, I revert to a little girl. I pout and cry and whine. It’s not attractive, add the swollen eyes and running nose and it’s a beautiful picture, NOT!

For some silly reason I came into work today as well, I mean it’s not silly, I don’t have sick time so if I am not here I get no money. I need me some money. Oh well, hopefully I will feel more human tomorrow. Now its time to blow my nose and plan my escape to my bed.


One comment

  1. I hope you are feeling better today. Know that I am thinking of you and, with or without nasal complication, I admire your spirit.–Linda

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