It’s another day of random thoughts…. some are pretty heavy, some are ridiculously light

1) What the hell is going on with our country right now that all these random shootings are happening? I don’t understand what is going through people’s heads. It makes me sad and sick to read the news daily

2) I cannot wait until the election is over. I am so sick of the coverage. I don’t care anymore who’s voting for whom. Just shut up. Our country is so screwed up right now.

3) I am going camping this weekend and I can’t wait to sit around the fire.

4) I am going to try to paint my bedroom on Monday. We shall see if I can get it done.

5) I am sick of seeing celebrities in the main headlines on NEWS channels. I don’t care anymore, stop telling me about their lives and drawing me into their drama. I have enough of my own.

6) I am still sick.

7) I won’t blog again until Monday or Tuesday. Be safe this holiday weekend. Have fun, remember why we celebrate. Be thankful for what you have and who you have in your life.



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