From my wonderful husband

I receive wonderful things from my amazing husband. Thoughtful cards, poems, letters and caring supportive words to fill my life and remind me of how lucky I am. He gave me a poem a few weeks ago and I asked him if I could share it. He agreed, and I just want to say that he is so talented on top of everything else he is to me. I am a damn lucky woman, lucky to have him as a husband and as my best friend.


Darling, the little details have me hooked on you like a junkie with a spoon.

The fussing when you are not feeling well.

The intricate methods of cleaning a bathroom that I can never truly grasp nor match.

Dabbing your ears with hopeful fingers when you feel a chill as any good Hispanic woman should.

Every word to every song seems to dwell within your mind.

The voracious tenacity you attack reading a book, as if you wer the stealthiest of literary assassins.

The need to create something homemade to fill our soul depleted bellies.

You, traversing the Universe with green accented purpose.

Your hair and how it changes more than a David Bowie song.

The Fung Shui virus that infects you and inflicts our living room.

Darling, the little details have me hooked on you like the Mona Lisa hanging in the Louvre.



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