Oh Fall…

Over the weekend Summer slipped away. I don’t mean the weather, it was still 90 degrees yesterday, but it feels like the summer is over. Kids went back to school today, I don’t have kids, but there were busses and kids standing on the corner waiting for them. I was reminded last night that our fall bowling league starts the next week.  As I sat on my couch I started to make the lists for closing the exterior of the house down for the winter, things that need to happen in my garage, yard and back porch.  I am looking forward to the coming weeks, the projects I have lined up in my head, and hopefully will be able to complete. But really who will know but me if they aren’t done? I guess the world if I decide to write about it on this blog.

I love the fall, and this year I get to celebrate not one, or two but three different 30th birthdays. Starting with my BFF’s last week, and rolling up to my sister-in-law and my baby sisters the following months. I love to celebrate birthdays, not my own this year but others. I love the fall, the smells, the food, the colors, the football and lazy Sundays. I love the planning to start my Christmas shopping early, but not getting to until after Thanksgiving. It’s awesome driving my husband crazy planning the Christmas decor way before Thanksgiving, and putting the tree up the day after we eat all that turkey. I love putting away my bathing suit until next year, and forgetting where I put the damn thing. I know you think I am being sarcastic but I do. I love all those things. I think, with my new-found sense of energy and focus things will go well for us this fall. My hubby started classes again last week, so I will have a few nights to myself to tackle projects, or be a bum, or work on those Christmas shopping lists.

The funny thing about the above ramblings is that it’s 85 degree out right now, I am sitting in an air-conditioned office, and my camping gear from this weekend is still not put away. I have piles of summer laundry waiting to be done and a yard that will need to be mowed and edged and raked many times before the “fall” really gets here. But I am excited to say that I can smell it on the air and can’t wait until the temp takes that turn toward the 70’s, then 60’s and it’s time to dust off my scarves again. I love the fall, and all the things that come with it.


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