Have I mentioned I love my husband?

It’s pretty sappy to say but I love being with my husband. He’s such an amazing person. I know I have written on here about him before but last night we met with an old friend and sat with her and listened to her and caught up on her life. And while she was talking I watched my husband. I watched him listening intently, offering sound advice and making her laugh when I know she needed too. He had a good time and was so relaxed. Jacob is one of the most comfortable people I know, he just fits in wherever he goes. He makes people feel at ease, which is not easy since my hubs is 6’4 and about 440 lbs. His size will intimidate you for about 30 seconds until he smiles at you, or hugs you; he likes to hug strangers, almost as much as he likes to hug those of us that he loves.

My Aunt passed away this past spring, very unexpectedly. She was a quiet person, liked to be alone, but she loved Jacob. Whenever we were going through a tragedy as a family, she would ask when she was going to get her Jacob hug. He brings a sense of peace and security with him.

I can’t tell you, there will never be enough words for me to explain all the wonderful things about my marvelous husband.  I am sure I will use this blog a lot in its lifetime to tell the world how amazing he is, how supportive, and frustrating, and gallant, romantic, silly, funny, stupid, crazy, smart, creative, deep, caring, friendly, loyal, protective, laid back, driven, focused, lovely, loving and stupendous. I guess it’s pretty simple, I really love my hubs, he’s my best friend, my great love, and I still miss him throughout the day, I still call him just to hear his voice, I still say I love you as much as I can. I am pretty damn lucky, after 11 years together he still loves me too.



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