Still Sick

I have been sick for a while now. I will think I am getting better, than BAM! I get slapped in the face with another round of sinus pressure and snot running everywhere. I know the heart of the problem is I don’t take care of myself. I stayed home one day sick and slept all day but I was right back to work the next day and truly I probably needed more than one days rest. I could have had it this weekend, but I had committed to 2 things that I could not back out of. So here I sit on Monday morning, my eyes swollen, my nose raw and my throat sore from the relentless running river of snot. Sorry to be so graphic but my mind is cloudy so I am letting my heart write this post. I have spent more money on tissue with lotion, sinus medication, and juice then I care to mention. Nothing is helping, which leads me to think that maybe I have a sinus infection, or worse a cold that I can do nothing about let it run its course. I have meetings tomorrow, bowling on Wednesday and work in between that. Tonight I have several reports to finish that need to be presented at my meetings tomorrow. I can’t think straight though, so my spreadsheets will probably make no sense.

I think I will go home, get some sleep and worry about tomorrow than. If I don’t feel better soon, there may not be any reason to worry anyways. I hate being sick, and it seems to happen often. I know I need to eat better, build up that immune system, but again all I want right now is to sleep, take some NyQuil and zonk out. Only a couple more hours of work to get through then to bed I go.

Hopefully the rest of you are having a great day and feeling good.


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