Let’s get ready to rumble

Today is the first day I am starting to feel normal again. The grossness that is this illness has settled into my chest, so I am hoping that it will just die there with all this medicine I have been taking.

I find myself in a weird place today, wanting to share some recent stressors and feeling like I want to let them go. Let’s put it simply, some of my relationships in the world of family and friends are in a strange place. I place were I am walking on eggshells and feeling hurt a lot. I don’t like that, but I am really afraid to remedy it. I don’t much like confrontation. I am not really good at. Oh I talk a good game, I can get a big head of steam on something when I want to, but once I am in the moment, I usually chicken out.

Simply stated, I don’t like being lied to. I don’t like it when people are hurtful and mean for no reason, and I am almost to the point where I will be telling people exactly how I feel.


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