It’s another one of those random thoughts posts….

It’s another crazy day in my world, a day where I have started and deleted multiple posts about my crazy weekend and how my life is hopefully permanently changed. But I am censoring this one, since it involves innocent people. Let’s just say that my world changed this weekend, and not in the way that I expected it too. And my family is amazingly supportive of the change and has helped me and Jacob so much and I know they will continue to as we walk on this new path that we didn’t expect to be on. No I am not pregnant, don’t ask.

It was a beautiful fall weekend in our neck of the woods, warm days and cold nights. I did some cooking with my Mom yesterday, we taught my middle niece to make homemade egg noodles and my Grandma helped too. It was a lovely afternoon spent with women I love to be with.  

I got to have some pretty good conversations this weekend, got to spend some good time with my friends and didn’t spend a dime, which is a nice change of pace.

Tonight begins the work I planned to do this weekend, starting with my spare room. I will be emptying it out completely and setting it back up as a 2nd bedroom instead of the storage area that it has become. I look forward to walking in there and seeing it clean, although we will see how long that lasts. I think my second major task this week will be turning my dining room into a den, we don’t use our dining room, it’s not functional the way it is set up, but a little den with storage and an area to craft and watch a movie, that is definitely appealing to me and my husband and I think we will get a lot of use out of it that way. Hopefully I can make that transition without spending a dime as well, though the idea of painting it still greatly appeals to me. I am looking forward to the time when I am not transferring messes from room to room and I am actually just picking up the things we use. Oh to be young and full of dreams……


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