no seconds for me thanks….

I continue to spread myself to thin. I am making promises, commitments, and I am keeping them but I think to the detriment of my well being. Something is going to give, and I am going to make that happen before I have a break down or a hissy fit. It’s unfortunate; something or someone will suffer when I make my choices. I will be sitting down, putting pen to paper and figuring out what I need to do and what I want to do. What needs my focus and what I must put down for now. This will not be easy, it will be a difficult choice and I will try to avoid any undue distress it may cause. But I need to say no, I need to look at my plate and say I have enough right now and I can’t take another thing. This is something I have never been good at. I would rather be good at 5 things then mediocre at 10. It’s something I am just learning about myself. I need to hold onto this peace that I have found, and I am dangerously close to losing it because I feel better and better in my mind equals stable and capable of doing all I have done in the past. It is simply not true, and I know now that the world will not stop turning if I am not present, that it is not my responsibility to maintain everything for everyone. My focus must be on my little family, and on my own self improvement.


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