When did life become fair?

I am wondering when we went from a nation of the just to a nation that worried about being fair to everyone. Sometimes life isn’t fair, sometimes people get the short end of the stick, but you learn and grow from those little slights. Teaching our children that if you cry and whine about something enough then the “mean” people will go away, that is not fairness that is not justice.

Please don’t get me wrong, I am not speaking of equality. I feel that people should have the right to live there lives without government or social interference. It is their life after all, not mine, and I don’t have to agree with people’s decisions or choices. But to force someone to conform to your way of thinking because you want everything to be fair, well that is just not the way things should work. What are we teaching our children, that you don’t have to work hard and earn anything? That the world will give you what you want if you stomp your feet and scream loud enough? We are a society of the privileged, and I am not talking about money. We are a nation that supports free speech, and while you don’t have to agree with laws, rules, regulations, social experiences, you have a constitutional right to voice that opinion. We are lucky, what is said loudly in this nation would get you killed in others, jailed in others, banished and alone. We are privileged to have the right to speak our minds and express our opinions. But the fact is that now we don’t just listen, people scurry around and make changes bases on the one voice. That one person stomping their feet and saying make it fair for me because I feel slighted.

I am speaking about this single mother in Rhode Island, who didn’t like the Daddy Daughter dance and worked with the ACLU to have the dance suspended. She did this because her daughter doesn’t have a father to take her to this dance. And to be fair they suspended the mother son ball game too.

  I was raised by a single mother, someone who made big bad sacrifices to make sure I was a well-rounded human being, who knew that I would have to work for everything I had, that life would hand me no breaks that I didn’t make for myself. But she also said that if I worked hard, kept my nose clean that someday I would be a contributing member to society, a society that said things like “you can do anything you put your mind to” and “we are all equal.” There were a lot of injustices and slights of fairness when I was a kid, but you know what, you dealt with it. She would wipe the tears out of our eyes and remind us that life wasn’t fair sometimes. Sometime she would say it sternly, if we were fighting about why one of us kids got something the other didn’t. But we were not worse for wear; we were not beaten down by the lack of “fairness”

I am hounding on this simply because I don’t recognize this country that we are becoming. We used to stand for something but I feel we will now fall for anything.  We are weighed down by the political debates, by who did what to whom, by who is to blame for the state of our country. In my opinion we are all to blame, for not stopping this lunacy before it got out of hand. By not standing up as a society and telling people while life can be beautiful and wonderful, it can be equally hard and unfair, and it is your job as a person, as an American to make the best of your situation, despite your limitations. We need to stop attacking each other, stop attacking our politicians and look inward to our own homes and hearths and fix it from the ground up. Stop raising our children to think the world will be handed to them on a silver platter without putting in the work. Become involved in your community to make that small world a better place, stop letting people make excuses, ask for and expect honesty. I don’t think these concepts are hard ones, but we have lost this simple way somewhere along the road of the politically correct.

 This post may be seen as unfair, please don’t sue me, contact the ACLU, demand a retraction, leave comments wishing me harm, or anything else that may spring to mind that reminds me why I wrote this post to begin with.


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