Unexpected but very welcomed

I have a teenager living with me right now. A senior in high school reminding me what it was like to sit in the car with your parent and be grilled about your day at school, what your friends were doing this weekend and whether or not you were going to the upcoming dance. She is so fun to be with, and it’s novel for me since there are only 14 years between us. Wow, that is the first time I did the math, 14 years is a lot more than I feel. I can’t help myself from thinking forward to prom, and graduation and an open house to celebrate this milestone. But alas, she is not my daughter so my “rights” to those events is not exclusive, nor is my relationship with her. She is with me temporarily, how temporary is yet to be determined but I am enjoying the sense of motherhood, even if it’s way removed and 17 years advanced since she is not a baby or toddler or even an adolescent. It’s nice because I am not her mother she feels pretty comfortable talking to me openly about some of the challenges she has faced in the last year, and some of the things she is afraid of for her future. There is little fear of repercussions for her honesty with me.

I hope to keep her safe and happy until next May, but we will have to see if it’s going to happen. For right now I am enjoying having a teenage girl in my house, hogging the bathroom, sleeping on the couch and bumming around. It’s nice, and not something I thought I would have for a long time if ever.


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