This is a public service announcement, to myself

I have spent a lot of time on here in the last few months talking about the struggles of my life, my wonderfully supportive husband, family and friends. I think I talked about my dogs once or twice. I know I have talked about some of my crazy “talents” and desires. And also about how therapeutic blogging is for me.

It’s been a really bad week for me, and today all I wanted to do was get on here and blast everyone that made me feel terrible. All the folks that I have cried about, and been sick over and who I now want to strangle because it just might make me feel better for a moment. But after seriously considering the damage it could do to my relationships I realized that I was the one in control of this. I am allowing these people, entities, tasks to do damage to me and that is the opposite of what I am reaching for. I admit that this is not a new revelation, but something that has been spoken in my ear for years by my Mom, Sister and Husband. Today I am speaking it to you dear readers and to my self. My sad little self that is sitting in the corner of my brain crying softly today because she has no control. Stand up, wipe the mud off your butt and know Mrs. Mere that you are better than this. You have done nothing to deserve the heartache you are heaping upon your shaggy little head. You are trying the best with what you have been given and working toward a noble goal. Do not be derailed by petty misplaced thoughts and deeds. Be strong and steadfast on your path and know that behind you stands the people who support you and in front is that world of possibility you strive for.

“No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.” – Eleanor Roosevelt

To any of you out there who eat blame for breakfast, snack on doubt and don’t know that you are in control of your life and your emotions, NO ONE can make you feel badly about yourself, you give them that power. Take it back.


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