My Amazing StepDad

I have a great StepDad. I don’t know if I’ve ever mentioned him here other than in passing. I won’t give his name since he doesn’t know I am writing this post and probably doesn’t remember that I blog. I wanted to just take a minute and shout to my wonderful blogosphere that I am truly lucky to have such a man in my life. He’s tough but fair, great with advice, doesn’t have a problem showing his emotions, loves his family deeply and talks about all of those from his past that he’s lost with that note of nostalgia and grief still in his voice. He loves my Mom and though they sometimes drive each other crazy I am comfortable in the fact that they still find peace with each other at the end of the day. He supports all of our crazy endeavors and smiles when we succeed and when we fail. He loves his daughters & step daughters, his grandchildren and would do anything for us. One of the things that I love about him, and a lesson that I have taken to heart that he has taught me, never burn a bridge. He walks away from 98% of situations having learned something valuable, usually with new friends and with words of kindness for those he leaves behind.  He is patient when warranted, bullies us when we need it, he’s super handy and has taught all of us how to use power tools. I am so lucky that he and my Mom found each other, so glad that she has the love of her life and I think he has his. He gave me 2 more sisters, 3 nieces, 1 nephew a huge extended family of people and this hunk of property to the North of us where we escape annually to eat and drink and laugh and remember. Thanks again for being there for me and us. I don’t tell you nearly enough what an AMAZING man you are. Thanks for propping me up when I need it, and encouraging me to move forward. Love you to bits and pieces.


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