Mind the gap

So another weekend has ended and we are all back to the grind. I worked every day this weekend, which was fine, and don’t feel bad it wasn’t full shifts. Just a random stop in hour or two twice on Saturday and once on Sunday. It added a bit to my paycheck so that was nice.  We also went out with my niece for her birthday. We have a deal with all the kids, they can have cash or a night/afternoon out with us. Usually included dinner and a movie and snacks of their choice at our house, plus breakfast the following morning. We went and saw an entertaining movie, had a good dinner and watched “The Exorcist”. The girls laughed, what is wrong with this generation. They didn’t find it disturbing or scary, even though I am still creeped out every time I watch it. I should have made them watch a musical, maybe then they would have been frightened. Oh well, can’t account for taste in movies, music, or anything that these kids like that I don’t understand.

I always thought I would be the coolest Aunt because I was so close to them in age, but I think there comes a point in time where it doesn’t matter how hip you are, or how much you still listen to pop music or happen to know these fake reality stars on site, you are still old, as in over 30 and you don’t really get it.  Case in point, when I was a kid if an adult had taken me to an R rated movie, that would have been way cool. These kids are not shocked by anything. Also given the chance to pick any restaurant for dinner I would have had a list, these kids are so non-committal, they really don’t care that much about food or dessert or any of it. We got the grocery store to pick snacks and they didn’t want anything except a fancy dessert from the bakery. No chips, or candy or anything. Either they are growing up and super laid back or there is a gap in our generation that cannot be undone.  I don’t really care either way, I was just surprised and told both girls of my surprise. 

Looking forward to another busy week, my calendar is a little disturbing to look at. I am hoping to spend some time in my bedroom this weekend finally painting the walls. I don’t have solid plans and hope to keep it that way. But you know, it just never seems to work out as we plan.


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