Checking in

What a crazy couple weeks I have had. I am still continuing on my journey of therapy and medication. I have had a few pretty large blows recently and on the advice of my therapist I am hunkering down and just surviving. I have been writing off-line, short stories and poems, stuff I am not ready to share with the world out there.

I know I have mentioned it before but one of my favorite blogs is one called Attack of the Redneck Mommy. I go to her site daily to read and laugh at her open and honest writing. She had a pretty bad couple days a few weeks ago and has disappeared from the blogosphere. I am sure she is doing like I am and putting one foot in front of the other, just getting through and taking care of her family. I don’t think she will ever read this but I am thinking of her, and hoping that the last few weeks have turned for the better.

It’s so funny, I know I’ve said it before but it’s hard to remember what has been posted about my life, what I think of writing about and what ends up on the page/screen, its hard to keep track. I am sure I have mentioned that my husband and I are stuck in a really shitty mortgage, and have been trying to get out of it. It’s the most vicious of cycles, since we pay our mortgage every month we are not eligible for most federal programs. But I was at my wit’s end a few weeks ago and called my mortgage company, the first time I think I have ever spoken to them on the phone and begged for help, I was crying, and the man on the phone was very helpful. Last week we faxed in 44 pages of documents required for consideration in loan modification. I am now waiting for the 30 day review period to end and see if we can start to climb out of this hole. And just to stop people from shaking their heads at me, we did not buy a home above our means, we were suckered into a 2 year ARM and the market happened to crash at the end of the 2 years making it IMPOSSIBLE to refinance. Keep me in your thoughts on this, we need this break. Otherwise some of my posts in 2013 could get pretty interesting.

This week is Thanksgiving, one of my favorite holidays and the start of my FAVORITE season, the Christmas season. I am not one of those who enjoys starting to put up my decorations months in advance or likes hearing Christmas music before this coming Thursday. But the week of Thanksgiving I start putting up my decorations. Yesterday I moved my living room furniture so I can get my tree up. We have a fake tree, pre-lit. My Hubs doesn’t want a live tree, I’ve begged for one but he doesn’t want the mess. Not that he would clean it up anyways, but I am just happy he doesn’t complain about the decor in the middle of November.

My turkey is thawing, my house is clean and the leaves are in piles ready to be picked up on my day off this week. Hopefully I can check in once again this week, otherwise have a Happy Thanksgiving, remember what you are grateful for and take a moment to remember Thanksgivings from your past and appreciate the hard work that went into them.


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