Did you miss me?

It’s been awhile, did you miss me?

Things kind of went crazy there for about 5 minutes, or 2 months as my life was turned upside down in an effort to help family. Now that my life has righted itself I can get back to what is important to me, which is my mental health and the happiness of me, my husband and my family that matters.

So good news of the day, my wonderful, talented and smart husband passed his final in the hardest class he has had since rejoining the learning world. Because of this achievement he is one final away from becoming the second person in his family to receive a college degree. I am so proud of him, and when I mentioned that fact to him last night he muttered, it’s just an Associates. But folks can I just say, my hubs works full-time, does his share of the house work, studies his butt off and has gotten his associates in night school. He is also going on to get his bachelors, because he loves to learn and he knows that this will better our lives. I am so proud of you honey.

On that same note, shout out to all my family who rallied around him this week and gave him encouragement to make that final his biotch! Thanks family for always supporting us.

I have been crafting my butt off, making tons of Christmas presents, because this year it is really the thought that counts. I have also been working a second side job, trying to feather my nest a bit. It’s putting in long hours, and I am basically blind from staring at a computer screen for 14 hours a day, but it will be worth it when everything is done.

This weekend the true festivities of the holidays begin, we do an annual cookie day where the women in my life come together and bake for like 8 hrs, then we exchange cookies to give as gifts. I also have my first Christmas party on Saturday night with my Peeps! Followed on Sunday by another Christmas party for the staff of the club I volunteer at. Busy weekend, but it will be so fun. I can’t believe we are almost half way through December.

I better stop typing and get to working on my craft.

In case I don’t make it back before Christmas. Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas and here’s to hoping that the next year is amazing!


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