Slow it down for a moment.

My world is spinning to quickly right now. Things keep happening in leaps and bounds and I feel like life used to crawl from moment to moment.

This past week my Uncle John passed away, he was 52 and to young. I was sitting at his funeral, looking at all the people he touched, not just as he fought through his disease but people from his past, his high school friends, his childhood friends, neighbors and their parents all came and paid respect to my Aunt and cousins. I watched and wondered at the Capra-esk (sp) quality of it. And couldn’t help but hear the echo’s of Jimmy Stewart as he ran down that snowy street in “It’s a Wonderful Life” We touch so many lives, and we aren’t aware of it ever, unless God forbid a tragedy strikes and you are once again enfolded in the arms of those who love you.

Where am I going with this, my most recent rant. I guess I am trying to remind myself that each moment, each encounter, however small is important. There is truth in the thought that a shared smile may change someones day, a pat on a shoulder, a thank you, a gentle reminder to a service person like your waitress, hair stylist, UPS man, that the work they do is important to you and your day. These things do add up, they make a difference.

My goal in the next few months is to try to slow down the trajectory of my life, and remember that the relationships I have, and those that have yet to form, are important. The MOMENTS matter, not just to you and your happiness but to those who won’t say it out loud.

Today I am reminded, especially with the tragedy that seems to plague our country, that my joy needs to come from the little things. And that I need to keep telling those who I love and like that they matter. Even if they only matter to me.


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