Walking the walk

Yesterday, while I was at Physical Therapy, as my Therapist was digging into my hip I said something I can’t take back. I said out loud that I want to write a book, a book I think about empowering women to be feminine and successful without living up to the image of society, magazines, reality television and the pressure that we put on ourselves to be the best at everything we do. I have written outlines, short stories, poems and of course blog posts but the idea that I have been mulling around in my head was verbalized yesterday and I can’t put Pandora back into that box. It’s not a bad thing, not a complaint, but I know now that my fingers are ready to walk the walk.
I have I think found the balance in my medication at last, I am feeling better every day. Therapy; both physical and mental are going well and I am hopeful again. That’s a funny feeling hope, when it’s gone you crave it like water but don’t know how to find it. It’s amazing to me how much I have taken for granted. I am trying to be more grateful, I am trying to recognize that I am really lucky. And that is what I want this book, or idea or whatever it will turn out to be to focus on. We need only find satisfaction within ourselves to be truly happy. I know, it’s a cliché, but I like clichés they are true for a reason. So cheers to my next attempt and hopefully my renewed voice on the internet as I try this journey.


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