Crappy and you?

The last two days at work have been total shit. I have felt treated terribly and then today I make a HUGE costly mistake. It’s just not my week. Also on the home front, my front door which has one of those clear glass storms on it, SHATTERED yesterday. For no damn reason. So I have this AWFUL day at work, where I get talked to like a child, ignored and yelled at, I come home to a very expensive door just massacred. So I cancelled my PT appt, got out the work gloves and cleaned it up.
This morning I thought it would be a better day only to find out that the person I was “fighting” with at work yesterday, and I made a very costly mistake. My boss is so pissed at us right now, and justly so. We messed up, HUGE. And at the minimum it will cost the company money, I don’t know what else it will cost me. Since I work with guys, and they have memories of Gnats I am sure that the only thing that will be remembered is the last mistake I made.
No amount of groveling will get me out of this.
Pray for me.


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