Financial Freeze

Two of my dearest friends are getting married in 22 days.

My little sister is having her first baby sometime between now and then.

We are having an exciting month. Hell it’s been an exciting year for us.

But I have a secret, it’s expensive! All of this merriment costs MONEY! I love money, for what I can buy with it, like really cute custom made onzies that my new niece will wear, or fake nails for the wedding I am standing up in that make me feel super glamorous as I type these words. But I am looking forward to July, my month of financial abstinence.

I am going to start the month off with a garage sale, in the hopes of purging myself, my husband and my home of the things I seem to “collect”. I will hopefully be starting my little sale off by padding my savings account and chipping away at my little tiny pile of debt.

It’s so frustrating knowing my debts are small, but I still can’t pay them down enough to eliminate them. So July is my month, I draw the line in the sand and grab my shield and hunker down. As of July 1st I will only pay my bills, and grocery shop and even that will be done sparingly because I don’t need to eat that much really I could probably live off of salads, tuna fish and beans and rice and be totally fine.

            I think it will be easy to go on a financial freeze in July too because after the baby is born, and my friends are wed we will all be broke, so no one will want to do anything crazy anyways.

            I am hopeful that my August 1st post will say something like, Debt free and it feels so good!


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