Turned the corner

I have officially turned the corner. I have showered for several days in a row, made the effort to arise more than 10 minutes before I have to leave the house and have also laughed a lot lately. That being said the biggest change is I am starting to care again what I look like, as in I made an appointment at the hair salon and started to journal what I am eating to get a better grip on the weight I gained during this last bout of depression. We are talking a major weight gain, as in 20+ lbs in the few months I was struggling. But the good news is that it matters to me again so I am off and trotting. I won’t say running because lets be realistic, I don’t run, not yet anyways.

Here’s the light shining down on my face, from the end of this most recent tunnel.



  1. Yippee! Turning corners to light makes me happy! I need to lose more than 20….I’d love to work on this together! After the polar vortex departs, of course, and the roads are not filled with ice – I’m going to start walking with George. Meet me?

    You are a strong woman – and as hard as things get sometimes, you just keep going – it is amazing, honest, hard….but look what you’ve accomplished! I love you to the moon and back and then on to the outer galaxy and back!

  2. Congratulations on finding your light! I have showered two days in a row which is a big improvement from once every four days. Good luck on the weight loss and keep laughing. My thoughts are with you.

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