In an effort to keep my momentum I have decided to start my own little business/ second job, selling delicious products to busy people in the world. I won’t use this as a pimping site but it’s a product I am excited about.

 It’s weird to find a thing that can put excitement back into your day. And funny to be having dreams about real stress, instead of the made up, over thinking, medication driven delusions.  It’s really nice to be worried about what I will wear to my first party instead of all the other things I worry about.

 Anyways, anticipation is a good thing. Excitement is a great thing and as I continue to move forward I know I am making the right moves.

 On another note, my therapist has asked my hubby to join us for my next session. And as much as I have been honest and open with him about my sessions I am nervous for these two men to meet. The most important person in my life, my Hubby, and the most important un-biased voice in my life, my therapist. Will they like each other? Not that it matters but for some reason I have thought about it. I am also worried about what will come out in the pale soothing room where I bare my soul. It’s a good step, because our communication sucks, but I am still apprehensive about it.

 So a lots happening in my world right now, a lots changing, and I am hoping to continue improving.

 Here’s to you and my wish for you that you are on the path to betterment, to greatness and peace.

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  1. I’m excited for your new venture and you can count me as your biggest cheerleader as well as repeat customer! Love you!

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