Wedded Bliss

I celebrated my 10 year wedding anniversary last week and Sunday we threw a little brunch for our framily and immediate family. We also renewed our vows. Re-committed to our relationship and I feel like we truly started a new chapter. It’s been a rough few years, my constant fight with depression has/had left me with the feeling like I wasn’t worthy and that my poor husband deserved to be happy without the burden of me and my mental illness. But here’s the reality folks, we all deserve love. We all deserve support and encouragement and that is exactly what my husband gives to me. Not always in the right way, but damn it he tries really hard to make me happy and to make me smile. When I am having a bad day he does everything he can to make it easier. He is my peace in the storm.

I am only saying this so that some of you out there, who feel unworthy, ugly, dark and lonely and undeserving, please know that the people around you love you. And as much as we push them away they want to support us. Teach them how, or at the least communicate to them what you are going through. You will be surprised who is still standing around you when the smoke clears and you see the sunlight again.


Keep the faith, I believe in you!


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